NoGoodInk - Downpour (A Climb from Despondency) [Pt. 1 & 2 FULL]

by NoGoodInk



Despondecy: de·spond·en·cy
A state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage.

This song has a very pointed direction and emotion. It represents a hole that I often get stuck in and the process of climbing out of the proverbial "Downpour".
I hope you guys enjoy the song and that it resonates with you in some way.


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released August 8, 2014
A very VERY large thanks to my good friend Forest, he has been a huge part of all of my recent productions. Particularly the artwork, naming and constant reviews / much needed feedback.




NoGoodInk Oregon

Hey, I am Cade. I create art using every medium my dirty fingers can curl around.

NoGoodInk; my alias. It has as much, or as little meaning as is given to it. But at its core, it is purely a form of creativity; or at least the lust to be creative.

However, the symbol that you may see pop up on my work occasionally is truly meaningful to me. It's name is The Origin.
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