Presentiment (feat. YBigg)

by NoGoodInk



My first Electronic / Hip Hop fusion track! Very happy to have this genre in my scope of production. A big thanks to YBigg for the acapella, his vocals have a lot of meaning to offer if you take the time to read in to them. Thank you for taking the time to give this a listen!

- Cade / NoGoodInk


And I'm in the middle of my own premonition.

Picture my vision, picture me rolling, picture me winning.

We all bleed innocence by racism given by the critics and the judges,
the people who keep the hate driven.

See, I've been through hell so I'm used to the pain and I question those questioning
the proof in my veins.

See, the truth of the game is to get acquainted with the roots of your name so
you can understand the roots that you came.

See, my hearts cold and it's darker than charcoal. I was lost, trying to find my way
home on a dark road.

But when the sky turns grey, and the moon starts to glow, you'll see me soar like a shooting
star ready to explode.

See I...

Think I'm drinking to much, and there's tears in my eyes, 'cause I'm thinking to much.

But when the seconds turn to minutes, and the minutes turn to hours, and the hours turn
to days, then them days turn to flowers...

You lose yourself, even when your hearts pumpin'. I just got to know if it's impossible
for me to prove something.

If I do it, is it possible for me to lose something? 'Cause the venom in my veins gives me
the will to choose nothing...

Who's bluffing in the eye of the storm?

See, my house in not a home, and I'm feelin' like
it's gone, when I wake up in the morning, what the fuck is goin' on?

Cause I don't know none of y'all, get the hell up out my zone. Yeah.

Probably shouldn't be callin', but I just had to say, I'm trying to let go of the past in
every single day.

So I ain't going nowhere, it's hard to escape when it pulls you back in you ain't got no
weapon to keep you safe.

Who gives a fuck what they believe in? It's hunting season. Crunch time took your season,
no reason I'm leanin' cause dudes got problems, guns, narcotics, television garbage.





NoGoodInk Oregon

Hey, I am Cade. I create art using every medium my dirty fingers can curl around.

NoGoodInk; my alias. It has as much, or as little meaning as is given to it. But at its core, it is purely a form of creativity; or at least the lust to be creative.

However, the symbol that you may see pop up on my work occasionally is truly meaningful to me. It's name is The Origin.
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