Smile for Me (Single)

by NoGoodInk




Hey again, so, how have you been? Good. Well, hopefully this will help your attitude, feisty.

This is a track which is off of my new album (yet to be named). It is coming out (yet to be announced)!
However, I have decided to release it as a single first. It seems to work well on it's own, and I didn't want to keep anyone waiting too long for it.

I am super proud of it, being that it is definitely my most complex and dynamic sounding song to date.

I hope you jam out to it in your vehicle with your girl / boyfriend. Then she/he gets super excited. Then you have sexy time. Then you both smile. For me.

Anyways, I love you. Sleep well. Wait for more music from me.
- Ink

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Smile for me. Smilllllle. Smile. Smile for Me. Can you Smile?


released October 28, 2014




NoGoodInk Oregon

Hey, I am Cade. I create art using every medium my dirty fingers can curl around.

NoGoodInk; my alias. It has as much, or as little meaning as is given to it. But at its core, it is purely a form of creativity; or at least the lust to be creative.

However, the symbol that you may see pop up on my work occasionally is truly meaningful to me. It's name is The Origin.
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